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New Virginia Office and Shop

On June 1st Roadmark moved its Virginia Office and Shop to 10530 Global Way, Bealeton, Virginia. With a great location near the intersection of Route 17 and Route 28 the new shop provides nearly double the former interior storage and work space, adds offices and reduces delays caused by Manassas traffic issues. Gary Nixon and Luis Martinez are in charge of the offices and Virginia operations and managed the move smoothly without affecting ongoing projects. This move completes the termination of all remaining ties to previous Roadmark ownership and dramatically reduces Virginia overhead expense for the company.

Commitment to Diversity

All businesses these days want to show their commitment to diversity, some to meet federal or state guidelines, some to attract the millennial workforce and some because it is simply the right thing to do. At Roadmark we have found that the commitment has come naturally simply because we have hired, trained and retained the best workforce. At times the reporting and oversight by various agencies is annoying, but sometimes it is just funny. When we began working in South Carolina we would regularly have EEO inspectors ask our crews whether they had been urged to refer minorities and women and often (usually because of language barriers) the crew might say “No”. When we received the letter asking why we weren’t doing this (we were and are!) we would point out that the crew they were interviewing was 100% minority and 15% female. We wondered what issue they were trying to correct!! Right now our work force is 83% minority with 15% female crew chiefs and 50% of our state directors are minority. Our commitment to diversity is self-evident and a source of pride for Roadmark.

Breaking New Ground

Here at Roadmark we have been all about pavement marking for over 35 years. We enjoy meeting our client's needs and enjoy a good challenge, so when we heard about this, we knew we had to be a part of it. This will be a trial project to test the effectiveness of using purple lines to help motorists distinguish between Express Lanes and regular Interstate lanes. Between the end of June and the middle of July we will be installing these purple lines in various locations along the 495 and 95 Express Lanes.