History of Roadmark

road marking by RoadmarkRoad marking leader, Roadmark Corporation, was founded in Charlotte, North Carolina in August 1978 as the pavement marking industry was in its early growth from the privatization of striping maintenance work. The company has maintained its exclusive focus on pavement road marking during its expansion, moving its headquarters to Durham, North Carolina and establishing an operational office in Manassas, Virginia in 1991. The company created a multi-state model with 98% of its work in Virginia, North and South Carolina. Its ability to shift manpower and equipment among these states has permitted it to grow into one of the largest striping companies in the Southeastern region.

Morale is high at RoadmarkWith a focus on quality and promotion from within the company has been at the forefront of material advances in the industry. From epoxy to polyurea to highly reflective elements, Roadmark Corporation is the company of choice for material suppliers’ Demonstration Projects where they seek the best company to present their products. It has a highly flexible crew structure lead exclusively by crew chiefs trained at Roadmark Corporation and promoted from within its own ranks. In a seasonal industry often faced with a changing work force from year to year, over 90% of Roadmark Corporation’s hourly labor force has at least 3 years employment with the company. The key group within this work force, the crew chiefs, average more than 7 years with Roadmark Corporation.

road marking truckThe experienced management and work force is supported by a wide-ranging array of new and well-maintained mobile equipment. Working with respected industry suppliers, Roadmark Corporation has been active in assisting the design of equipment which promotes efficiency and safety. From massive removal and vacuum trucks to the newest in thermoplastic, paint and specialty equipment, the company has stayed at the forefront of new technologies. This has been supplemented by in-house expertise in adapting equipment to the challenges of new uses and improved methods of material application, always with safety as the guiding principal. Whether using added signs and crash cushion trucks or conducting persistent in-house safety training, Roadmark Corporation is committed to protecting its employees and the motoring public.

road marking crewLead by a management group with a combined 85 years of striping experience, Roadmark Corporation is a leader in the industry which is often called upon to provide training for state Departments of Transportation. Every operational function in the management is conducted by an individual who has “been there, done that” with more than 20 years in the industry. One result is their intimate knowledge of the actual roads where work is being done, together with vast knowledge of the conditions, concerns and realities faced by company crews. This knowledge is shared with customers to help plan work such as large traffic shifts or bidding on new design-build projects in ways that create efficiency and avoid major problems. The addition of cutting edge mobile technology and sophisticated financial and job cost software provides management with the on-time information necessary to respond promptly to events in the field. Experienced, safe, flexible, creative and responsive, Roadmark Corporation is the premier pavement marking company in its market.