road marking thermoplastic truckRoad marking thermoplastic is one of Roadmark's primary striping mediums.

Another road marking thermoplastic truckOur foremen have well over 100 years combined road marking thermoplastic installation experience, both in long-line applications and short-line (arrows, stop bars etc.).We have some of the best equipment in the industry but it's our quality personnel that sets us apart from our competitors.


Thermoplastic Truck 3 Kettle Truck for handwork on symbols, characters and related work.

There are a number of factors that make thermoplastic road marking striping a great choice. Unlike paints, thermoplastic striping will be ready for use almost immediately -- no drying time. There's no need to shut down lanes of traffic. It lasts three to four times longer than paint striping. Reflective beads are imbedded throughout the striping. As it's worn down, new beads are exposed, maintaining a uniform reflectivity through the life of the striping. It is an excellent value.