Many years of experience with epoxy striping.

Road marking epoxy, when properly mixed and applied to a properly cleaned surface, provides a durable striping that will withstand high traffic and frequent lane changes for an entire year.  Epoxy contains several ingredients, a polymer resin and a catalyst.  

road marking epoxy paintsRoadmark has been striping road marking epoxy since the early 90's and have the expertise to apply this product to exacting quality standards.


Rest area pavement markings with epoxyWe do everything from rest area parking to large remove-and-replace pavement marking contracts. Our epoxy crews take the time to do preventative maintenance to insure all our projects are completed on time.


Best quality road marking epoxy.We use only the best materials to ensure the highest standard installation.


TruckEpoxy is a complex marking material that requires experienced application. 

To better understand the requirements for effectively applying road marking epoxy see Evaluation of Highway Epoxy System