Plowable Markers

Reflective devices in plowable pavement markers

Plowable pavement Markers Plowable pavement markers comes in a variety of types.  They are used in areas where snow removal is common and are either recessed into grooves cut into the roadway and affixed with an epoxy, or they are shielded by a cast iron or steel structure a snow plow blade will ride over.  We install plowable pavement markers for projects of all sizes.  In the former application, roadway speeds must exceed 30mph in order to whisk away muddy water that will eventually hide the reflector.  See more information on reflective markers that resist plowing.

Plowable pavement marking truckFrom small resurfacing projects, to prime marker and lens replacement jobs, we have the experienced personnel to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


Plowable pavement markers tool