Raised Pavement Markers

Temporary and Permanent Raised Pavement Markers Applications

Raised Pavement Markers are used in two different applications.   They are used temporarily in areas with snowfall rates that necessitate frequent plowing.  They’re used then on roads under construction.  In light snowfall areas, such as in the Carolinas, they can be used permanently.  They are generally constructed from a plastic that can withstand high impact.  These structures, sometimes referred to as ‘cat’s eyes,’ encase reflective panels.  They are placed in a number of angles to reflect the light from vehicle headlights.  See a Wiki article on the subject.

truck that installs raised pavement markerRoadmark Corporation installs raised pavement markers in Virginia on construction jobs where they are used temporarily. In North and South Carolina they are used as permanent markers.We do all size jobs with the same quality approach we use when we’re striping. Our crews do quality control checks throughout the day to ensure our markers don’t fail.