Safety & Professionalism

road marking crew working alongisde trafficPavement road marking is an inherently dangerous business. Much of our work is done immediately adjacent to live traffic operating at high speed and in close quarters. To achieve the highest levels of safe operations we employ a multi-level security system. First and foremost, we train our employees; next we warn, slow and direct traffic; and finally we employ barriers that protect motorists and our employees. Currently our safety rating is among the best in the business as reflected in our superior Experience Modification Rating.

Road marking safety presentationRoadmark has developed Job Safety Orientation Guides for every aspect of its field work, from the use of a forklift to the operation of a complex polyurea truck. These Guides were developed by the employees who actually perform the tasks under the direction of Pat Conway. With over 30 years of experience in every aspect of our work, Pat helps lead our annual "pre-season" safety training each March to assure employs are properly focused on our primary goal - providing a safe work environment for our employees and the motoring public. Audrey Parker, our Safety Director, plays a pivotal role in ensuring our employees have received proper safety training and continues to monitor our safety throughout the year.


Road marking crew chiefOnce a project begins the process of warning, slowing and directing traffic becomes paramount. On a new road closed to public traffic it is essential that operations are coordinated with the general contractor and others working on the project to provide heightened awareness of all operations. When working near live traffic signs are deployed, cones and barrels may be positioned and trucks mounted with energy absorbing cushions and warning or directional flashing lights are used to protect the employees as they work. The employees themselves wear protective gear and highly reflective safety vests meeting the most rigorous ASSHTO standards. Flagging operations are conducted by trained flaggers certified by State Departments of Transportation. Where traffic control is our direct responsibility Certified Traffic Control Technicians utilize state approved procedures to warn, slow and direct traffic.

Training, constant awareness, experience and professionalism all come together at Roadmark to help create the safest environment possible in this dangerous Work Zone!